Peer-reviewed and published papers

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      •Early version wins the Student Paper Competition in the 2017 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium
      •Early version wins the honorable mention in the 2016 Student Paper Competition in the Section on Statistics and the Environment of American Statistical Association
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      •Early version wins the 2018 Student Paper Competition in the Section on Statistics and the Environment of American Statistical Association
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Technical report

  1. Kaufman, W., Ma, P., Hammerling, D., and Lombardozzi, D. (2016) "Ozone and Foliar Damage Analysis: NCAR and St. Louis." NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-530+STR, 31 pp, doi: 10.5072/FK2TX3B723. [PDF]

Statistical software

  1. Ma, P. (2021) R package "GPBayes: Tools for Gaussian Process Modeling in Uncertainty Quantification." [GitHub] [CRAN] CRAN/METACRAN CRAN/METACRAN
  2. Ma, P. (2020) R package "ARCokrig: Autoregressive Cokriging Models for Multifidelity Codes." [GitHub] [CRAN] CRAN/METACRAN CRAN/METACRAN